You can be Sadie's Guardian Angel! Check Out Her Story Below! image

You can be Sadie's Guardian Angel! Check Out Her Story Below!

Sadie came to us and is unable to be spayed due to scarring. She is living her best life.

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PFC Sadie's Story!

Sadie came into care after several hand-overs from owner to owner. As a dog that had previously led an outdoor-only life, she was transitioning well to an indoor life with her new owner when she was taken in for her spay surgery. Once on the table, though, it was observed that her internal organs were mired in extensive adhesions throughout the abdominal cavity to the point that a consulting specialist considered it unsafe to continue with the spay. We will never know what former traumas or events there may have been to cause her abnormal internal state; but the owner wanted to make sure that whatever might come up, she would be well cared for. Knowing he might not be able to provide extensive medical care, the owner asked if Boykin Spaniel Rescue's (BSR) would take her in and make sure that she got the best life possible. Since all dogs leaving BSR's care for adoptability must be spayed or neutered and her condition precluded this, she will remain in BSR's care and is now happily adjusting to life with her Permanent (PFC) foster family.